How to Negotiate a Higher Allowance

The cost of life is on the rise. The price of social goods (like an iPhone data plan) is rapidly increasing. Starbucks has raised its prices, and clothes these days are outrageously expensive. It just takes more capital to be a healthy and fully social teenager. To be “social” is to value relationships, so when you make your pitch to mom and dad, remember all those admonitions about the importance of relationships – relationships are king! Here are a few tips on increasing the amount of your allowance: Approach your parents with a spirit of honor and respect as I Timothy 5:1 states. Lay out your track record of good stewardship. Delineate how the quality of your work has improved (they have improved, right?). Remind them you have kept your goal of saving ⅓; giving ⅓; and spending ⅓ of previous allowance and money earned. Demonstrate that you have done […]


“This is a wonderful compendium of crucial biblical wisdom drawn from selected Proverbs. Students especially need to know and master these truths early to enjoy the path of life, riches and honor, as Proverbs says, and avoid a lifetime of troubles and regret.” – John MacArthur. We’ve had a number of really cool people read our book. Take a look at what Russ Moore, Tony Nolan and more had to say here!


The Live Smart Guidebook was created to help you reflect on and apply what you read in the book. The questions are designed to in your own personal reflections or with a group. Whether you are doing this alone or in a group, be sure that you (1) prayerfully ask God to show you areas you can grow and (2) share what you have learned with others so they can help you grow in this area. Get the guidebook here!

Why Live Smart?

The habits you’re forming right now can last a lifetime. Who you hang out with, how you spend your time, and even what you read can change your future in powerful ways! Live Smart lays out a simple, straightforward plan to help you become all you were meant to be in your relationships, your education, your future career, and every other aspect of life. But even more importantly, this book will give you the tools for a rock-solid relationship with God. You want your life to matter. Live Smart presents the practical tools and biblical advice for you to make wise decisions for an exciting future. Prepare to be amazed by what God can do in your life!